photo of a deer killed by Jesse Newsomephoto of a deer killed by Jesse Newsomephoto of a deer killed by Jesse Newsome

Hunter: Jesse Newsome

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Camden

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I moved from Columbia County around 2.5 years ago and was a very active hunter. I do 98% of my hunting with a compound bow and 100% of it on public land. I've been fortunate enough to harvest quite a few nice bucks around home. I moved down to Kingsland, Ga and there really wasn't any hunting opportunities. Glynn County has a few spots but nothing that really struck me as a place I had to hunt. So unfortunately I lost the passion and drive that I had since I was in my teens. I would still go hunting once or twice a year back in Richmond and Jenkins but it was 4 hours away. I did get to go on a Joe Cruz quota hunt but that's almost 6 hours from my house. I caught wind of new public land opening (Ceylon) in Woodbine that's literally 14 miles from my house. I put in for the turkey quota there and was lucky enough to have drawn. While turkey hunting, I saw that the land looked promising for deer and my passion seemed to go wild. I ended up harvesting this buck after finding a rub line coming out of a bedding area. It was the first time I hunted this section of the WMA. It's not my biggest buck, but it struck that passion and fire back in me that I haven't had in a few years. I would like to thank Georgia Department of Natural resources for this opportunity and everyone else associated with Ceylon WMA. I know there's been a lot of hard work to get the land open and ready for us hunters, and I just want to show my appreciation.
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