photo of a deer killed by Jerome Robertsphoto of a deer killed by Jerome Robertsphoto of a deer killed by Jerome Roberts

Hunter: Jerome Roberts

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Turner

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Well this Friday the 13 started out for me pretty good. Let me go back a week or two to explain this story. The opening of gun season in South Georgia was not what we had expected, very hot and pretty much miserable to hunt in. I took off the first week to do some serious hunting, but after a few days, I couldn’t stand the heat, so my wife noticed I wasn’t going to the woods, so she put me to work around the house. Well a week after that the weather cooled down a bit, so I headed back out to the woods. But then it was a full moon, so all I saw was a few does and some small bucks. I hunted pretty much all week but didn’t see much to shoot? I would check all ours trail cameras and didn’t see anything but the usual suspects we seen all season. Around the 8th of November we started getting pictures at night of some good bucks moving through our land. Well I decided to take off from work on Friday the 13th knowing it was a bad luck day, but I had at least tried? I went to a ground blind I had put up a couple a weeks before in a funnel between two fields. I got setup early and waited for daylight. I started using a can call right after daylight and worked that call every 10 minutes. At 7:15 I saw movement to my right and the buck was slowly coming my way looking the whole time for the doe, when he got within 30 yards, I realized he was the big 8-point we had seen on camera. He didn’t go too far after that before I put the smackdown from the old 30.06. So sometimes Friday 13th isn’t so bad!
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