photo of a deer killed by Jerome Robertsphoto of a deer killed by Jerome Robertsphoto of a deer killed by Jerome Roberts

Hunter: Jerome Roberts

Points: 16 (7L, 9R)

County: Turner

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Some folks say that deer hunting is 20% skill and 80% luck, but this hunt was more like 95% luck. I took some time off from work to get some “in the woods time”, but fate had decided that it was going to be a hot and humid week - so I really did not see much action until Thursday. That day just so happened to be Halloween, and my family and I were participating in the annual trunk or treat at our church. Everything was almost cancelled due to a rain storm, but when the front passed thru, and the temperature started to drop quickly, I knew I needed to be in woods the next morning. That morning I got to our hunting lease before daylight and decided to hunt one of our stands that we call the “buck stand.” It sits on a forty-acre cotton field. It was a little windy and cold at daylight, and I quickly figured out I did not wear enough clothes that morning. Much like the rest of the week I didn’t see too much activity until after the sun came up. A few doe started to trickle out into field to feed, two first, then four more a little later. They all fed and quickly left the field. I was texting my son, who was also hunting that morning, about the ones I’d already seen when two more came out of the woods. I was just watching them feed around when something caught the corner of my eye. I looked to the left and there he was at about 125 yards off just standing at edge of field. This buck was the brute my son had been bowhunting for after we saw him on one of our trail cameras. Needless to say, I got excited because I saw only horns. I looked at him through my scope and just took the shot, luckily, he dropped like a stone! At this point I was shaking with excitement. My son is steadily texting me wanting to know if I’d made the shot he’d just heard. While I was responding, my buck starts to get up. I aimed to shoot again but about the time I pulled the trigger he swung his head around and I wound up shooting off half of one of his brow tines. He finally dropped for good. By this time, my son had made his way over to my stand and we went to take a look at the beauty. We were both extremely excited because we have been hoping one of us would get this buck, and I was the one lucky enough to be at the right place at right time. Needless to say, my son says I’ll be paying own hunting dues next year.
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