photo of a deer killed by Jeremy Robinsonphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Robinsonphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Robinson

Hunter: Jeremy Robinson

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Butts

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I have two seasons of history with this deer. The first trail-cam photo was, I believe, October of last season. I was able to capture several more photos of him throughout the season but unable to lay eyes on him. This season I began running cameras in attempt to find him again with no luck until October. The area I originally got photos this season was difficult to hunt, so I started placing cameras in the surrounding vicinity (trails, scrapes, and food plots) in attempt to identify where he was traveling. Based on studying the topo of the property I am hunting and the pinned locations I had this buck on camera, I checked a specific area I believed he was traveling. I put a camera up and got a photo of him at 0630 am on November the 8th using the trail I believed he'd be using. I put my climber in that day with the plan to hunt him on Monday November 11, 2019. The anticipation leading up to the hunt Monday was almost unbearable as this was the first time I was specifically able to hunt this buck. I actually worked until 0200 am Monday morning, then drove to the property to sleep in my truck. 0500 am came early but I got up, showered and headed to my stand with the intention to sit all day. The hunt started off great as I saw several does a small buck and let a stud of an 8-point walk. When 11 o'clock rolled around it became very difficult to stay awake due to lack of sleep and I began wrestling with whether I should get down, grab a bite to eat, check cameras, and set a game plan for the evening hunt. I checked the game forecast which had deer movement steady until 1330 hours that day, so I was determined to sit until at least that time. Around 1230 I started hearing movement in the bottom on my left and a few minutes later the buck I had set out to hunt stepped out! I tried to envision what I thought this buck would look like in person but no picture I painted could prepare me for the real experience. It almost felt like a dream! The buck I was hunting is now standing at 50 yards! I calmed myself, leaned in to my rifle and stopped him just as he was about to step out of the shooting lane. I squeezed the trigger and delivered a perfect shot which put him down in less than 60 yards. As I followed the blood trail I was able to lay eyes on him for the first time as "my buck" I became overwhelmed with emotion. God is so good! And I am blessed to have my best buck to date. Thank you for taking the time to read my story!
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