photo of a deer killed by Jeremy Judyphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Judyphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Judy

Hunter: Jeremy Judy

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Walton

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

It was a windy morning, started out at 38 degrees. No movement at all. I contemplated leaving around 10:30 but decided it was worth waiting out a little while longer. I was looking at the deer movement app on my phone when I caught movement about 60 yards out coming through the pines toward the bottom. It was a very nice sized doe, and she was moving carefree. She stepped into the bottom, and I watched her for a minute with my binoculars. Then I noticed a very large body walking down the same path. Watching with my binoculars I could tell it was a buck and waited for him to step out so I could get a good look. When he did, I knew immediately who he was. I did not waste a second grabbing my rifle. I had to wait for about 30 seconds for a good shot. When he presented me the shot I was looking for, I sent one his way. He did not move not one bit. I had no idea what to think. Did I miss? Did I bump my rifle? Was I daydreaming? He just stood there. I chambered another round and shot again. He started to trot off for a second then stumbled a bit. He laid down. I grabbed my binoculars and watched him. He had his head up and was looking around. Then he stood back up. I chambered another round. I put the crosshairs behind the shoulder as he was quartering away and squeezed. That put him down for good. I started receiving texts from my buddy Tracey who was hunting the other side of the property. Was that you? Yes, I said. That was the toughest deer I have ever shot. He responded with, "Yeah it sounds like it." He was shot twice in the lungs and the 3rd in the heart. I've never seen a deer that tough.
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