photo of a deer killed by Jeremy Dossphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Dossphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Doss

Hunter: Jeremy Doss

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Tift

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

My history with this deer goes back to 2018 when I began to recognize a small-bodied buck with a 10-point frame on the trail cameras. I felt like he was 2 years old then based on his body; we watched him since then and he eventually got the name Slick 10 since each year he was pretty much a perfect 10-point with no abnormals or asymmetries. Last season we felt like he was surely 5 years old and was a great buck - his name went from being Slick 10 to Big Slick. As luck would have it, he made it through the 2021 season and his 2022 rack as a 6-year-old grew back this summer with about 20 additional inches on it, which I was sure elated to see. I had one other encounter with him this season but could not get a shot and thought I may had missed my opportunity; so thankful I got another chance. It was an incredible final hunt for him and again, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to pursue this caliber of animal in our local area. If it weren’t for my like-minded neighbors and fellow hunters that surely let this deer walk numerous times over his 6 years and allowed him to reach maturity, I would not have had this experience and surely want to thank them for that.
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