photo of a deer killed by Jeremy Dossphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Dossphoto of a deer killed by Jeremy Doss

Hunter: Jeremy Doss

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Tift

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

We've been watching this deer grow up over the years and deemed him a shooter this year when he reached 5.5. He had a drop tine on his left side last year as a 10-point but didn't grow it again this year. However, he did put on 35-40 pounds and a lot more mass and tine length. He had gone missing on our cameras for the last several days, so I decided to hunt an area that hadn't been disturbed and thought he may be held up in. It was a perfect morning and was just getting good light when I caught a glimpse of movement 150 yards down the long narrow lane in front of me - I checked it out with my binos and immediately picked up on his left G3 so I quickly grabbed the gun as he crossed the narrow lane. I was able to get the crosshairs on him just as he was about to be out of sight and stopped him with a quick sound - as he stopped momentarily looked back my way, I squeezed a shot off. I was a little concerned when he didn't immediately go down but I waited 90 minutes to go check it out and fortunately found him 40 yards down the trail. He's an extra special buck as he marked the first deer off of this property after being able to purchase it in September...and even more special to have my son, Walker, and his friend, Bo, go with me to bring him out and celebrate. It never ceases to amaze me how these Georgia deer can become world-class animals when allowed to reach their maturity, and I sure look forward to seeing what all the future holds.
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