photo of a deer killed by Jeff Pipephoto of a deer killed by Jeff Pipephoto of a deer killed by Jeff Pipe

Hunter: Jeff Pipe

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Heard

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I was running late that morning and did not get settled into my climber until 7 a.m. I climbed high into a tree sitting in the middle of a 100 yard wide creek bottom that was surrounded by a number of large old white oaks on either ridge. My good friend - who was more familiar with the property that me - identified the location for me. Upon getting to the top of the tree, I immediately heard what sounded like a buck thrashing a tree over the ridge. Fifteen minutes later, my buck came creeping out of some underbrush headed toward a group of does feeding over the ridge on the opposing side of the creek bottom. I was downwind and high in my tree - 10 feet higher than the 30-foot tow rope allowed for. Once his front half came out from behind the tree and brush I raised my rifle and settled the scope on him. I immediately got a clear view of the mass of his main beams and as the adrenaline first thumped my heart, I squeezed off the perfect broadside shot he offered. He bolted out of my view as the does over the opposing ridge blew and ran. 45 minutes later I climbed down and the reek of his tarsal glands let me know that he had not run far. Ten minutes later, I'd found him.
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