photo of a deer killed by Jeff Mezzanottephoto of a deer killed by Jeff Mezzanottephoto of a deer killed by Jeff Mezzanotte

Hunter: Jeff Mezzanotte

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Sumter

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I had seen this buck on camera originally back in early November. I saw him once over Thanksgiving week in the same location but he never presented a shot opportunity. On the morning of Friday December 3rd I had sat in the same stand where I had seen him the first time. I saw 12 different bucks that morning. Around 10 am the action started to slow down and weather was warming up quickly and was going to call it a morning. Just before I was going to get down, I saw two bucks that came out at the end of the 250-yard lane. I could instantly tell that 1 of them was a good one and looked through my binoculars confirming my anticipated thought. It was him! There wasn't much room left or right and the other buck was between myself and the trophy buck. Those few minutes seemed like an eternity waiting for a clear shot. Finally after several minutes it was the moment of truth and the only clear shot I had was a head shot. This was going to be a clean kill or a complete miss. I breathed calming my nerves, steadied my aim, and squeezed off a round. I saw the buck collapse immediately. After ensuring the buck wasn't getting back up I walked to him. It was a dead X shot through his right eye at 250 yards.
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