photo of a deer killed by JD Sledgephoto of a deer killed by JD Sledgephoto of a deer killed by JD Sledge

Hunter: JD Sledge

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Terrell

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 15)

Hunt Story

My dad was out of town. My best friend and I decided to go hunting. It was raining all day off and on, probably in the mid 50s. I was sitting in a lock on looking over a food plot with planted pines to my right and hard woods to left. The day started by seeing a young six, a spike and 3 does. I waited there patiently, then I saw a wide shooter 8 come to the other end of the plot out of range. He glanced in the food plot for a while then turned and walked straight away. So, I grunted to try to get him to come back, but nothing was working. In hopes of the buck coming back, I waited yet again. It was starting to get dark and time was slipping away. I glanced acoss the plot yet again. There was a buck on the other side licking limbs, so I stood up as soon as I saw that he was a shooter. He walked straight to the corn at 30 yards. When I shot him, I was not certain about my shot, so we backed out and came back the next day. Sure enough, he was laying where I thought he crashed. He was only the 3rd deer I killed with my bow, so he was a great accomplishment for me.
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