photo of a deer killed by Jaynee Webbphoto of a deer killed by Jaynee Webbphoto of a deer killed by Jaynee Webb

Hunter: Jaynee Webb

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Elbert

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

It's Halloween 10/29/17, and when I got off work my daughter Jaynee called and said she did not care about going to get candy or other Halloween activities. She said she would rather go hunting. So I went by the house and picked her up. I asked what stand she wanted to hunt. She said she wanted to hunt the swamp stand. She had hunted it the day before with my brother and had seen a large buck right at dark but was too dark to get a clean shot. The stand is also the one she harvested her 2016 Truck Buck. When we parked the truck and got out, I told her today was going to be a good hunt. I could just feel it. Little wind and clear and air felt crisp. We made to to he stand without spooking any deer. After about 15 minutes a small doe came out of swamp on the right into food plot. I told Jaynee something was still in the swamp because the doe kept looking that way. It left after a few minutes to our left and crossed a creek. A few minutes later a few more young does come along our right side still in the swamp. They kept looking back. At the same time we heard what sounded like a tree being broke in half on back in the swamp. A few minutes later we heard something walking coming to the field. After a few minutes the buck entered the field about 40 yards from box stand. Right when we saw it we knew it was a shooter. I told her to get on him and wait for me to stop it. As it walked to the middle of the 30-yard-wide field, which is about 200 yards long, I made a soft mouth grunt. At the shot from the CVA .223 both legs buckled and it tried to take off. It made it about 20 yards down the field. Its front legs had collapsed but it was still trying to stay up right. I told Jaynee to reload and get back on him and to shoot again if he got his feet back under him. But about the time I said that it went to the ground. She sat there with gun on it for a few minutes just in case. We got down after about 10 minutes. As we walked up you could smell him he was definitely in rut. Jaynee looked at me and said that's a nice one dad, but it's not the one she had seen the day before. After she got her hands on him and looked up smiling, all I could think was man I'm truly blessed to have kids that love the outdoors.
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