photo of a deer killed by Jaynee Webbphoto of a deer killed by Jaynee Webbphoto of a deer killed by Jaynee Webb

Hunter: Jaynee Webb

Points: 13 (7L, 6R)

County: Elbert

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

Me and my daughter decided to take the day off from softball practice and go hunting. Jaynee decided we was going to hunt a stand we call the Swamp Stand. Going in I noticed the wind was blowing a little into our face, which was perfect for this stand. As we made are way up in the box stand, I was thinking it was going to be hard to keep quiet sense leaves had blowed inside it. I moved some of them out of our hairs an away from our feet. Then I preceded to load Jaynee's .223 CVA gun an get it set on the shooting rail. I told her to look though the scope and see if she could make shots to different locations in the field. Not 5 minutes after she gave the OK. I seen a large body deer, which I could see the rack run out at about 150 yards. Deer run straight away an to the very back of field. I mouth grunted, and got it to turn and come back maybe 20 yards closer. As it turned, I told Jaynee it was now or never. Before I got never out of my mouth, she had shot. Deer hunched up and front legs wobbled. It took of into the woods and as soon as it did we heard a big crash. We both smiled because we knew what we hoped we had both heard was it going down. We decided to wait 15 or so minutes before we got down. To her it seemed like forever. After I finally gave into her wanting to get down and look. We slowly made our way to where the deer had been standing. I looked in the woods and could see him laying there. She still had not seen it yet. She looked up and saw me smiling and knew I had found it. I told her to stand still and just scan the woods and look for anything out of place. It did not take her long to find him. We slowly walked up from its backside and she touched the deer's backside with the gun. We just stood there smiling at each other. I think we both did not realize how big he was until she grabbed the antlers. We took a few pics an talked about how fast everything had happened. Then we headed back to get something in there to get it out. After showing her family and a few friends and taking more pics, we headed to the processer.
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