photo of a deer killed by Jayce Hallphoto of a deer killed by Jayce Hallphoto of a deer killed by Jayce Hall

Hunter: Jayce Hall

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Macon

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

My 13-year-old son and I climbed into the stand at 6:30 that morning and settled in. We hunted this same stand the previous weekend and saw a good 8-point buck but was unable to get a shot. My son had high hopes that the buck would return and he could take him as his first deer. The first deer we saw that morning was at 6:50 but it was only a spike. At 8:00 I caught sight of a buck coming in from behind us and motioned to my son to grab his rifle and get ready. The buck walked by our stand only 25 yards off our left shoulder and continued walking down the road in front of us. I was able to grunt at the buck to get him to stop and my son made the 45-yard shot. The buck was hit hard and was easy to track. He only managed to run 80 yards before hitting the ground. Jayce was ecstatic when he saw him laying there. I’m sure he will never forget taking not just his first deer but also his first buck.
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