photo of a deer killed by Jay Thompsonphoto of a deer killed by Jay Thompsonphoto of a deer killed by Jay Thompson

Hunter: Jay Thompson

Points: 13 (6L, 7R)

County: Mitchell

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

He came in the plot at 5:50 p.m. When I spotted him, I pulled my gun up. He gave me a broadside shot, but when I pulled the trigger my gun did not fire. This happened to me twice. After the first misfire, I made sure there was a live round in the chamber. After the second misfire, I slowly ejected that round and put another round. By this time my heart was pounding. I just knew he was going to disappear and I would never get this opportunity again. I pulled my gun up as he was facing me straight on. Luckily when I pulled the trigger the third time he dropped. The biggest buck I've ever harvested and by far will be the most remembered. I've been hunting him for 3 years and never saw him in person. Only on trail camera in which were all at night. This was definitely a hunt I will be talking about for a long long time. Hunting in a blind that's insulated that's on a boat trailer so you can hook it behind the truck. Pulled gun to make sure I had a round in. Misfired again. Took that shell out, put a new shell in. He was looking straight at me then. Shot straight on at 75 yards. Emotional roller coaster. Biggest deer I'll probably ever kill. I farm. I had been hunting this deer for three seasons. His brow tines never changed characteri. Bladed. They just got longer and thicker. First year was 2016-17 season, he was a 10-pointer. That year I was hunting him, he would have been biggest deer I ever killed him then. Two years later he grossed 160 inches as a 13-pointer. 2017 season he must have broke off his left side, about the whole side was gone. Never had daytime picture until Nov. 13, 2018. He in there at 5:30, wasn't hunting that day had to go to a bull sale. Camera took pictures right before he fell and right after he fell. Thought he woudl get away. As soon as I shot him, when I got the next day one of my buddies who loves guns, he went through the whole thjign and took care it.
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