photo of a deer killed by Jay Davidsonphoto of a deer killed by Jay Davidsonphoto of a deer killed by Jay Davidson

Hunter: Jay Davidson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

A week ago, a friend of my family (also our supplier of Buck Muscle, corn, seeds, chickens, and chicken supplies) and owner of Lee’s Crossing Feed and Seed, Mr. Rigsby, gave me a bag of apple wood shavings to help me on my quest for a buck. He instructed me to mix a little into my bag of scent free clothes, and to chew on a few shavings to cover up the scent of my breath. I finally got to test out his idea today, and it worked! I also opened the bag and placed it under my stand next to a bottle of doe pee. About 30 minutes before the harvest, three does and the same buck came out only for a short time behind a stubborn limb, before I knew if he was a mature buck or not. My dad and I got my little brother to send us trail camera pictures of the buck we believed it was, and I decided if he came back out that I would shoot him. About 10 minutes before he came back out, the three does eased back into the field on alert, looking all around. He came out trotting, stopped, and looked for the source of the sound of the click of the safety, and I shot him at about 190-200 yards. I knew it was a good shot, as I am very confident in my marksmanship as well as the fact that I saw that his front shoulder was shattered as he jumped and ran off. We savored the moment for a couple minutes, climbed down and walked toward the trail as I kept my eye on the spot of the shot, just in case. My dad went and got the truck, and we walked the remaining 100 or so yards where we found him lying 10 yards from where I shot him, in the woods.
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