photo of a deer killed by Jason Millerphoto of a deer killed by Jason Millerphoto of a deer killed by Jason Miller

Hunter: Jason Miller

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Webster

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

The Morning of the 19th myself and my father Joe hunted at our Webster County lease of 31 years. That morning I hunted my main stand on a clearcut with no luck. At about 7:30 am my phone texted me a picture from my other stand in the bottom. The picture was a nice 8-point and I realized I had made the wrong stand choice like always. Frustrated about my bad luck I vowed to hunt the stand in the bottom the rest of my time off from my job at the Pharmacy. About 3 pm I walked across and down the clearcut to my trusty old Tomcat stand. The bottom is mostly some birch with a few scattered white oaks and magnolia. I could see East and West up and down the bottom and behind me on the clearcut. across from me were thinned pines that had heavy undergrowth. After texting my cousin Gail about deer processing prices and texting my girlfriend Jennifer about her day, I went silent. About 5 pm the wind died down and the bottom got quiet. I heard a faint noise to my front left and looked to the direction of my camera and I saw the body of a deer angling down to the flat of the bottom. Once he cleared a big oak I knew it was the same deer from the morning text picture. He was on the exact same trail walking down to the bamboo shoots and stream where my cam is. He stopped right before the creek and I made a quick putdown shot to the neck with my browning .270! I texted my dad that I got the buck and he came down with the ATV and we loaded him up and took him to Clay Hill Processor in Parrot! God is Good!
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