photo of a deer killed by Jason Giffordphoto of a deer killed by Jason Giffordphoto of a deer killed by Jason Gifford

Hunter: Jason Gifford

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Bibb

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I settled in my blind around 0630. I carried in a Gravity type folding chair and a cooler filled with food preparing to sit all day. I had received pictures of the buck visiting the powerline I was set up on at 1130 the previous day in the rain, so I moved my blind in on that evening. I had a Wireless game camera in front of my blind so was able to keep good track of him. I was setup watching a scrape 22 yards away. I looked up after sending a friend a message and saw a buck standing right in middle of the powerline with its head down. I reached over and grabbed my AR pistol from the top of my cooler and took aim. I had already previously ranged the areas I could see and knew he was around 17 yards away. I waited for him to raise his head up so I could confirm it was the buck I was after. He raised his head, and I realized it was the buck me and a buddy had nicknamed The Monster because he was the biggest out of six bucks we had on camera. I moved the safety selector to fire as quietly as I could while he was looking my way. He put his head back down and I centered the green dot of my sight on his neck and pulled the trigger. He arched his back and collapsed. I gathered myself and exited the blind after sending a message to my wife and hunting buddy. I checked camera after and all the above transpired within 60 seconds from the time he walked out.
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