photo of a deer killed by Jason Barrettphoto of a deer killed by Jason Barrettphoto of a deer killed by Jason Barrett

Hunter: Jason Barrett

Points: 13 (8L, 5R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Had several pictures of this buck on camera since the beginning of the season. I knew he was a very old mature buck. I didn't have a lot of opportunities to hunt this year due to my daughter being diagnosed with leukemia in April. After seeing the pictures and knowing he was in the area, I set up my blind in some thick hardwood/pine mix where he had been coming from in every picture. Hunted hard and all day Saturday didn't see a single deer. Second guessing myself and the particular spot I chose, I said I will try it one more time. Walked in Sunday morning 30-45 minutes before first light, sat in the blind and just as daylight broke he stepped out but never stopped. I didn't want to let this deer get away, so I shot him while he was in a walk/slow run. He immediately dropped. After I stopped shaking and calmed down, the first person I called was my dad. He taught me everything I know about deer hunting. He knew which deer it was because I had sent him the trail-camera pictures I had of him. He was defiantly proud and immediately came over to check him out and help me load him up. The quickest deer hunt I have ever had, this is my best buck to date.
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