photo of a deer killed by Jared Griffisphoto of a deer killed by Jared Griffisphoto of a deer killed by Jared Griffis

Hunter: Jared Griffis

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Coweta

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

The evening started slow. Around 7 pm four does made their way out of the woods to the food plot 100 yds from me. They got skittish about 20 minutes later. I saw a buck walk out and immediately knew he was one of our target bucks. He fed for about 10 minutes and 2 more of our target bucks showed up. The does ran off and headed towards our feeder. The bucks began following. As the does fed below me, the bucks suddenly stopped at about 60 yds. Two began to fight and then the biggest buck drove the weaker one from the field 100 yds away. My buck slowly walked in but never came to the feeder. He turned and began slowly walking back to the food plot. He gave me a 25-30 yard quartering shot at last light and I let the arrow fly. I watched him crash 75 yds away in the field and the celebration began as this was my first ever harvested whitetail deer with a bow. I am very thankful God blessed me with this opportunity. All glory goes to Him.
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