photo of a deer killed by Janet Norrisphoto of a deer killed by Janet Norrisphoto of a deer killed by Janet Norris

Hunter: Janet Norris

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Hancock

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

After not seeing anything for 2 days on the BF Grant quota hunt, I decided to go to our first year, 80-acre lease in Sparta. There are 3 of us on the lease but neither of the other guys wanted to go. We had put up a ladder stand at the back of the property that was in some white oak trees with a view facing a known bedding area. I sprayed doe in estrous buck bomb on several bushes between me and the bedding area. Around 6:30 a doe came running out of the bedding area and stopped where I had sprayed, then went on. A few minutes later the 8-point came out, and when he also stopped at the area I had sprayed I was able to get a good shot behind the shoulder. He jumped forward, so I climb down and started looking for him. It was now getting dark and I couldn’t find him. I walked to the truck for my good flashlight and called my buddies and my husband to tell him what was happening and that I would be late. One of the guys I hunt with had met our neighboring landowners and called him to see if he might be able to help. As it turned out, 3 more of his lease were hunting. They showed up in a side by side and we went to the location where the deer was shot. By now it was more than hour since I had made the shot and quite dark. Thanks to the tracking skills of one of the older gentlemen, he found where the deer had stumbled. We followed these tracks until we found blood. This blood trail led to the deer some 60 yards away. With their help we retrieved the buck and managed to get to my truck by 8:30 pm. I am eternally grateful for their willingness to help recover the deer. Without them the largest buck I have ever taken would have become coyote food. They were not only helpful but celebrated my success with me. Here’s to the goodness of my fellow hunters.
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