photo of a deer killed by Jamie Vickersphoto of a deer killed by Jamie Vickersphoto of a deer killed by Jamie Vickers

Hunter: Jamie Vickers

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Lee

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

To start things off I overslept this morning and I got down to the stand as it was breaking daylight. The stand I was hunting out of is down in a hardwood bottom on the creek. There was already a couple of does standing at at the corn pile when I got to the stand and I was able to quietly sneak in without them running off. A couple of young bucks came out around 7:30 am and started chasing the does. About 7:45 I started rattling and I blew a couple of short grunts afterwards. Immediately, I heard a loud splash behind me in the creek. I kept my eyes in the direction that I heard the splash come from for about 2 minutes and I didn't see anything. Not long after that I started to hear something walking and it was closing in very quick. About the time I turned around, I seen horns and he was standing about 25 yards from me and he came within 5 yards from me. I was too afraid to move because he was so close. He caught some wind, smelled me then trotted off about 20 yards. I grabbed my gun and yelled to stop him. Luckily he stopped and turned broadside and I was able to get a clean shoulder shot.
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