photo of a deer killed by Jamey Hulseyphoto of a deer killed by Jamey Hulseyphoto of a deer killed by Jamey Hulsey

Hunter: Jamey Hulsey

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Walker

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I was invited by my wife’s friend (Jenn Pope) to hunt with her in an area of Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA she has been hunting. I have never hunted at this WMA. We walked nearly 3/4 mile and I saw a hollow that looked appealing with other bottoms feeding into it. I went up it as Jenn continued down the road to hunt along a creek. I went about 150 yards where 3 bottoms came together and climbed a very steep hill on the right. It took several attempts sliding down before I made it behind a large oak and set up my turkey chair. I then put my turkey blind up and due to the steep slip I to attach it to a dead stump on the tree. Just as I finished I heard a large noise crashing through the leaves from the top of a mountain across the hollow. I looked and this monster buck was hauling _ _ _ down. It stopped at the bottom just a few yards from where I went up the other mountain. I did put some drops of Tinks 69 out 50 yards before I went up which may have stopped him. I pulled my gun up and shot at his midway spine and must have just gone under it. He ran about 50 yards and I put the second one through his shoulder and he expired. All I can assume is the noise I made coming in probably made him think he had competition around and he was ready to fight. “I won”
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