photo of a deer killed by James Sipephoto of a deer killed by James Sipephoto of a deer killed by James Sipe

Hunter: James Sipe

Points: 15 (8L, 7R)

County: Henry

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

At approximately 3:30, I entered my ground blind to hunt with my crossbow. No deer were sighted. I sat back and enjoyed what was left of a very busy day. On or about 5 p.m., deer filtered into the woods, two does at first. They stood and looked into the blind. I sat still. To my right, three more does rapidly approached the food plot. They seemed agitated, one with its tail straight out back. The others crowded around her. I had used some Golden Estrus on a cotton ball. They all walked around there, acting very nervous, ready to spook. At approximately 5:30, this buck I shot and two smaller ones entered the edge of the food plot, heads down smelling the ground, then stood still. The two lesser bucks moved toward the does grunting. The other buck stood and watched until they got close to the does, then the larger buck moved in. The does split up and bolted off. He then walked where one doe urinated, smelled it, and stood still. Now was the only chance I had to harvest him. He walked closer to me and I turned to get the red dot on him, now or never. This buck and I had a history of five years of seeing him. There were three missed shots, and then what had just happened what I heard was a solid hit, and he was gone. I waited an hour to search. Got a light and walked to where he ran. There were five places for about 15 feet of blood trail, then straight ahead was the Aluminock shining. He was laying beside it. When I got to him, he was hammer dead.
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