photo of a deer killed by James Seaboltphoto of a deer killed by James Seaboltphoto of a deer killed by James Seabolt

Hunter: James Seabolt

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Worth

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I had two encounters with this buck the first week of the season but was never able to seal the deal on him. He was daylighting in the evenings frequently but I was only hunting my stand when the wind was right. I climbed into my stand on the evening of October ninth with high hopes of seeing him with the cooler weather conditions. I had been watching several doe's and yearlings feed before they moved off into the creek bottom. About five minutes later I spotted a 9-pointer that the big eight was running with so I knew he wasn't far. The big eight stepped out beside the nine pointer and I immediately reached for my bow to get ready for when they got within bow range. It took him over ten minutes to slowly make his way into thirty yards. I drew back when I had a perfect broadside shot but the buck turned facing straight toward me. I had to hold my bow back what felt like forever before I was able to take a shot. After watching the video footage and showing some hunting buddies we knew the best thing to do was let him lay and retrieve him the next morning. The shot just looked to far back and we didn't want to risk bumping him. After showing up with a couple hunting buddies and a dog the next morning we made quick work tracking the deer. The shot was actually a lot better than the video showed. The only thing I could do was thank my hunting buddies and the big man upstairs for a beautiful deer.
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