photo of a deer killed by James Robinsonphoto of a deer killed by James Robinsonphoto of a deer killed by James Robinson

Hunter: James Robinson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Lamar

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I had found a line of rubs along the creek on my previous hunt along with large fresh tracks in the area. The scrapes have all dried up in the area, so I assumed the rut was winding down and the bucks would be returning to feeding areas. I knew this area had not been hunted in several years and thought the bucks would be comfortable in it with no pressure. I decided to hunt from my ground stand (camp stool) since I did not have a stand in the area. I planned to scout after I hunted this morning to find a good place to hang a stand. I knew of a small open area that I could use as a starting point so I headed that way before dawn trying to move quietly in the dark without using my flashlight. I eased off the woods road through the privet hedge along the road and moved uphill about 70 yards. The path that I took reminded me of an older woods road that the forest had reclaimed which allowed me better views up and down the hill. The rest of the area was fairly tight with restricted views up to 100 yards in most directions. I quietly scrapped the leaves away near a small hardwood tree making a space large enough to place my ground stand (camp stool) and my feet to reduce any noise I might make. Other than a few birds, the woods were mostly quiet as I sat watching the sun rise. I was hunting with my close friend Scott on the property and he would occasionally sent me a text to see if I was awake. We are the only hunters on this land. After about 2 hours, I was making plans to scout the area in about 30 minutes since the main feeding time had passed. Scott had just sent a text about reindeer when I heard a twig snap up the hill. I slid my phone back in my pocket and quietly watched uphill to my right. After about 5 minutes, I suddenly saw the right hand antler of the buck moving to my right rear through the small opening of the old woods road about 75 yards uphill. I swung my rifle to my right but by the time I got the scope on him, the buck had moved off the road into the thicker woods. He was steadily moving to my rear as I sat, making my shot harder. Knowing that I would quickly lose him, I quietly stood and spun to my rear. I was able to follow his rack through the woods but could not get a clear body shot due the underbrush. I quickly moved my scope ahead of him and found an opening slightly larger and held on it. A couple of seconds passed and then his head entered the opening and he paused slightly. I held the crosshairs just behind his right ear and squeezed the trigger. I hardly head the roar of my 7mm Mag but the buck disappeared. I listened intently for the sound of him running but the forest was quiet. I watched and listened for about a hour( minute) and then thought I saw a leg twitch where I had last seen the buck. I quietly moved up the hill and found him right were I had last seen him. The shot had entered his neck about 2 inches behind the ear breaking his neck and dropping him instantly.
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