photo of a deer killed by James Jonesphoto of a deer killed by James Jonesphoto of a deer killed by James Jones

Hunter: James Jones

Points: 13 (7L, 6R)

County: Walker

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Last year we think this deer was a 9-pointer that we let grow. I have a lot of trail cam photos of this deer this season from July through October 21. I had a shot at this buck opening day of archery and blew it. I had two chances during the first week of muzzleloader season just out of range and did not take a shot. On Oct. 22 I had one doe and a yearling in the clover plot at 6:30. About 6:50 an old looking 8-pointer with a gray face entered the plot grazing with what seamed like no interest in the doe. At 7:00 the 13-pointer that I thought was a 10-pointer entered the plot with one thing on his mind. And that was making sure that 8-pointer left the area. After watching this deer chase a spar with the 8-pointer till he headed to the woods. The 13-pointer finally gave me a standing still shot with the deer quartering toward me. Made the shot to the base of the neck and that’s where he fell. What a blessed day.
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