photo of a deer killed by Jake Morrisphoto of a deer killed by Jake Morrisphoto of a deer killed by Jake Morris

Hunter: Jake Morris

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 7)

Hunt Story

I left for my stand, which was only about 200 yards from camp, at 3 pm. I took a seat and began to wait the evening out. It wasn't long before I spotted movement to my left. A doe walked out from behind a few trees and to the edge of a creek. She seemed calm, but after standing at the creek for a few seconds, she bolted over the creek and up a nearby hill. I immediately knew that she must be running from a buck. I raised my rifle from my lap to my shoulder. I spotted another deer following the trail she had just come down. At first all I could see was a few glimpses through the trees of a body but no head. I followed the deer with my scope until he emerged out in the open near the creek. Antlers filled my scope, and I bleated at him to stop. As he turned broadside, I shot. The buck began a fast walk along the creek toward me and acted as if he hadn't been hit. He stopped after about 20 feet, and I fired again. At the second shot his whole body tensed up, but he still didn't go down. He walked, this time much more slowly, about another 20 feet. Not wanting to take a chance with him, I fired again. That piece of lead did the trick and he collapsed not 15 yards from the base of my ladder stand. All three shots were in his vitals.
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