photo of a deer killed by Jade Smithphoto of a deer killed by Jade Smithphoto of a deer killed by Jade Smith

Hunter: Jade Smith

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Coffee

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

We had this deer on camera the days prior, it's behind our house, so I decided to try it out. I got in my condo stand around 4:30 PM since it gets daylight faster. After I got in, maybe 15 minutes later 3 does walked out. They came out earlier than usual, but I wasn't complaining. At around 5 PM a cow horn spike came out. I knew they were moving fast when he came out, because on the camera he doesn't usually come out until it's dark. I put my phone down and started watching real good. The spike ran the 3 does to the back of the food plot. Then I saw what looked like a huge doe walk out beside the corn. Whether it is a doe or buck, I always like to see it through my scope. So when I looked through my scope I saw a tall and nice rack. At first he looked small, then he looked up and he was a monster. I waited until he stopped walking to get some corn. I had to get the most perfect shot on him that I could. After he stopped, I flipped the gun off safety and put it right behind his shoulder. When I shot, he did a huge kick and ran maybe 50 yards into the woods before I saw him fall. I was so excited that I waited probably 5 minutes before getting down. I called my daddy and he told me to meet him at the corn, not knowing I was already there. The huge blood piles led us right to where he was. I was so excited and blessed to be tagged out not even halfway into the season!
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