photo of a deer killed by Jacob Paynephoto of a deer killed by Jacob Paynephoto of a deer killed by Jacob Payne

Hunter: Jacob Payne

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Taylor

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I went hunting opening morning of bow season and was sitting when this giant deer came by and I shot him. When I shot him I knew I had gotten him but when we started looking we found hardly any blood. It was a very tough pill to swallow and all I could hope for was for him to still be living. Well on Sunday October 17, 2021, I was sitting in a box stand on a real pretty food plot and I just kept having the feeling that he was gonna show back up. It was getting extremely close to dark and I was about to get out of the stand in just a couple minutes. However, I went to stand up and saw what looked to be a spike out in the field and I looked on the other side of the field and this bigger-bodied deer was out there and I could tell it was a good deer but didn’t really know how big. Well when I saw his rack when he picked his head up I immediately knew it was him and I took my shot. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.
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