photo of a deer killed by Jack Landonphoto of a deer killed by Jack Landonphoto of a deer killed by Jack Landon

Hunter: Jack Landon

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Clay

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

At about 6:15 I dropped my daddy off in his climber stand and took off in the golf cart going to my stand. I got in at about 6:39 and it was cold. About an hour later I texted my daddy and told him that my toes were about to freeze off. Then a 1-point walked out and I thought it was a doe, I was about to shoot when I realized it was a buck. I let him walk and about five minutes later here comes two big bucks walking out that were about the same size at the edge of the woods. They then walked off in the woods and about two minutes later one of them walked back out and never would get broadside, finally at the edge of the field he stopped walking and got broadside, I pulled the hammer back on my single shot break action Thompson .243 and put my crosshairs right behind his shoulder and fired. I immediately called my daddy, then got out of the stand and took off to the golf cart, got on it and floored it all the way to the house to warm up. About an hour later I went and got my daddy out the stand and met up with Pawpaw at the gate of the property. We then talked a little while, we finally got out to where he was standing when I shot him. We found some hair on the ground with blood on it and the deer was laying about a hundred yards from where I shot him.
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