photo of a deer killed by Isaiah Bishopphoto of a deer killed by Isaiah Bishopphoto of a deer killed by Isaiah Bishop

Hunter: Isaiah Bishop

Points: 8 (5L, 3R)

County: Troup

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

This was Isaiah’s first deer. This deer had been on camera for the last few years mainly at night, but we never got the opportunity to see him during the day. We were in the stand and Isaiah told me “he sees one” and I looked over and I saw the buck coming out of the hardwoods crossing the field going towards a thicket. Isaiah told me he had him in the scope and could shoot him. I used a grunt call, the deer stopped and looked, and Isaiah pulled the trigger. When the deer ran off, he didn’t run in a way that I thought he was hit, but he ran into the thicket and we couldn’t see him anymore. I wasn’t confident in the shot, but Isaiah was. He kept telling me how he aimed and squeezed the trigger at the bottom of his breath and how he was 100% sure he got him. It was hard for me to believe because of the way the deer ran off. After waiting until almost dark we got down from the stand and put everything in the truck, and decided to go look for him. Me having little faith the deer was shot, didn’t expect much, but Isaiah did. After not finding blood for 5 or 10 min of looking Isaiah said, “Dad there is blood by the fence,” so I went over there and sure enough he found the trail of blood. As I start looking around to track Isaiah yelled “Dad, I am not sure if that’s him, but I think that’s him.” I looked over the fence in the thicket and there he was, about 10 yards in the woods. Isaiah’s first deer that he spotted, shot, found the blood, then found the deer. It was very exciting for the both of us. That day taught me not to doubt his shot when he says he is 100% sure and he knows he got him, we need to make sure we look.
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