photo of a deer killed by Hunter McFarlandphoto of a deer killed by Hunter McFarlandphoto of a deer killed by Hunter McFarland

Hunter: Hunter McFarland

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Hancock

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I’ve been going hunting with my dad for quite a few years but didn’t get to hunt myself til 2 weeks ago. My grandpa gave me a deer rifle, and I killed my first deer the next day after learning to shoot it. I told my dad I wanted to shoot a buck now, so we started trying for a few bucks my dad had on camera. We saw a couple spikes last week but nothing my dad would let me shoot. New Year’s Eve morning we had a nice buck come out with 3 does, but he had a lot of his rack broken, so dad told me I couldn’t shoot him. After the buck and does left, another buck came out and my dad told me that was one I could shoot, but I couldn’t get steady before he walked off. We checked the camera at that stand and that buck and 2 other 8-pointers were there a good bit, so we went back to that stand that afternoon. We had 5 does in the food plot by 5:00, and dad told me to wait for a buck and not to shoot a doe. At 5:10 the same good buck came back out messing with the does. This time my dad put a chair under my elbow to help me get steady, and I was able to take the shot. We only tracked him for a short distance before we found him, and I was super excited and happy. He is a lot bigger then my dad’s first buck!
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