photo of a deer killed by Hunter Lindseyphoto of a deer killed by Hunter Lindseyphoto of a deer killed by Hunter Lindsey

Hunter: Hunter Lindsey

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Macon

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

My dad started getting pictures of this deer last year. We never did see him during daylight hours. We started getting pics of him again this year. My dad and brother were hunting together, and my dad had decided to put me in a different stand from where he originally wanted me to hunt due to the cold weather. So I was hunting from a box stand. I had seen two does at 7:40, and about 10 minutes later this buck came trotting down the same trail grunting and looking for the does. I had to turn around in the stand and get my rifle re-positioned. Once I was ready, I grunted at the buck. He stopped and looked back at me, and I dropped him in his tracks at 60 yards. I called my dad and could hardly tell him that I had dropped the buck in his tracks. My dad and brother had seen the buck chasing the does from where they were hunting, but it was too long of a shot for my brother. They came to my stand and got me down, and we were all excited and hugging each other. It took all three of us to get this buck loaded on the truck because it was so heavy. My dad said it was the heaviest deer he had ever seen. Once we got the deer to the house and weighed him, we were shocked at what the scales read. The scales read 285 pounds. My dad said something wasn't right , he lowered him and re-calibrated the scales and again they read 285. He lowered the deer and used a different set of scales and again they read 285 pounds.
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