photo of a deer killed by Hunter Greenphoto of a deer killed by Hunter Greenphoto of a deer killed by Hunter Green

Hunter: Hunter Green

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Harris

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 4)

Hunt Story

I got in the stand that evening around 5. It was a very hot day, and I honestly wasn't expecting to see much. I was sitting in a bottom with a lot of acorns falling, so I figured I had an okay chance of seeing deer. Around 6:15 I spotted antlers coming down into the bottom next to me and knew it was a shooter buck. At first, I thought it was a deer we had on camera, but I was wrong. I immediately saw it had a drop tine and was even more pumped. I grabbed my bow and started picking out spots to try to make a shot if he made it to my side of the bottom. For the longest time he stayed on the other side and fed on acorns, and I thought he would never make it to me. I was able to grunt a couple of times, and he slowly made his way to me, but as soon as he got to my side he started going the opposite direction of me. About this time, three other small bucks came in and came right under my stand. I couldn't believe that these three bucks came right to me, but this buck walked the other way! Finally when I thought my hunt was over, big boy came right to me and gave me a perfect 25-yard shot. I let my arrow fly and it was text book. He took a couple steps, started wobbling and then fell! I was pumped and shaking like crazy. I immediately called my dad and then my friend Noah who was hunting in a different stand to let them know what just happened. One of the best hunts of my life.
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