photo of a deer killed by Heather Williamsphoto of a deer killed by Heather Williamsphoto of a deer killed by Heather Williams

Hunter: Heather Williams

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Thomas

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I had to wait for my aunt to get to my house that morning on opening day before I could leave to go hunting. She was going to watch my 10-year-old son while I was hunting. My husband was at work and I really wanted to go to this particular spot, due to the increase in pictures of bucks we had been getting on our cameras. So, with that being said I didn't get into the ground blind till 9:00 am. After settling into the blind, and the woods settling down from my entry into the blind. After about 20 minutes had gone by that when I heard a limb break from behind. I would have never expected a deer to enter from this direction, due to the way the wind was blowing and how close to the blind it is. Well low and behold I look to my right there is a deer about 10 yards from me. I instinctively grab my gun and got it in my lap waiting for the right time to get it to my shoulder. It was at this time he turned and looked at me. I had to say to myself don't move don't even blink. He turned and started back walking and had wagged his tail. At this time I got my gun to my shoulder and as soon as I did he turned and looked at me again. With nothing but his neck and head being exposed from behind a tree. I put the crosshairs on the base of his neck and shot. I thought I saw him go down but I wasn't sure. I sat there for a few minutes and replayed everything that had just happened in my head. We have never had this deer on camera, and this was the biggest deer I had ever seen except for T.V. I previously had laser surgery on my right eye and I can't hardly see unless it's close up. I looked where I thought he was but I couldn't find him or any blood. So I walked a little farther down and turned around and saw how far I was the blind and I knew he wasn't this far down. So I circled back around to the ground blind looking the whole time and went back inside to regain my composure. It was about this time that my husband texted me and asked me if I had seen anything. I texted him back of what had just happened. I then looked thru my scope again where I had marked looking to get a fill of how far it was and decided to go back out my blind and walk to the right of where I previously had looked. That's when I walked right up on him laying behind the tree. The next text my husband got from me was a picture of my buck. When I had went to look for him the first time I had walked a complete circle around him. I called my husband and told him the news. I was so excited I was crying. I would like to give a special thank you to our friend Joseph Connell. He came and helped me get the deer out of the woods after I had dragged him as far as I could. I knew there was no way I was getting that big boy in my car.
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