photo of a deer killed by Heather Singletonphoto of a deer killed by Heather Singletonphoto of a deer killed by Heather Singleton

Hunter: Heather Singleton

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I was hunting with my dad in a two-person ladder stand overlooking a firebreak edge where two creeks meet along with young planted pines. It was a nice cold day we had to wear 3 jackets to just stay warm. That morning we had already seen 4 bucks. Only two were ones I was wanting to shoot. But I couldn’t get them in the scope in time. Then in the afternoon a little eight came and ate some corn then left. Soon after two big does showed up and came down the bank. Then they went back in the woods on the other side. After a few minutes we saw them starting to come into the firebreak but they smelled us. They ran but didn’t blow tell they were far off. Just a few moments later this buck, what we thought was a big eight came down the firebreak. He went right under our stand but didn’t smell us. He just kept walking and came around to the corn. For a good minute he only showed us his butt, but then as soon as he turned to the left I shot. Once we heard him crash we waited a few minutes then climbed down. When we went to blood trail him, there was blood everywhere. It was the easiest blood trail ever. We found him pretty quickly, he had only run about 80 yards.
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