photo of a deer killed by Hayes Adcockphoto of a deer killed by Hayes Adcockphoto of a deer killed by Hayes Adcock

Hunter: Hayes Adcock

Points: 6 (3L, 3R)

County: Oglethorpe

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 11)

Hunt Story

Hayes Adcock is a strong willed, fun loving and determined 7-year-old little boy. Much time had been spent before this day with his dad, Brad Adcock, "practicing" by shooting at a drawing of a deer's body with "target points" labeled. The morning of this particular hunt, after many previous hunts with a return home saying he had seen no deer, Hayes told me, "Momma...I'm dropping one tonight"...and that my sweet boy did, x's 2. His dad describes the moment they had both planned for with such pride and enthusiasm. As Hayes and his dad sat in the box blind, Hayes was the first to see the doe walk out. He calmly pulled his gun up, looked in the scope, and with one single pull of the trigger "dropped her." Eager as any 7-year-old would be to get down and gaze at his trophy, Hayes' dad encouraged him to sit still as other deer had started to enter the area. Within moments the 6-pointer showed his face...must be something about the "horns" because this time Hayes became anxious...with about 15 minutes of continued coaching from his dad, Hayes was able to gather his composure and "drop that buck" with a single shot as well. The call home was, "Momma I did it...I shot a doe and a buck...get the camera ready"...such an awesome moment for our entire family...Hayes has 15- and 8-year-old brothers...needless to say we were all proud of and for him! The one thing left Hayes says...that would make this all "perfect" would be to see his picture in the GON and be able to take it to show his 2nd grade a mother I absolutely love seeing hard work and effort by my boys pay off in such an awesome way. It is almost as great as seeing my husband gleam and be over the top proud to share in moments like these with his sons. Thank you for providing an avenue to share our story.
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