photo of a deer killed by Harrison Strangephoto of a deer killed by Harrison Strangephoto of a deer killed by Harrison Strange

Hunter: Harrison Strange

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Schley

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

We had planned on going to another spot but the wind wasn't going to work for that location. We decided to go to another food plot that finally had some green growing in it with the recent rains. Turned out to be a great decision...we got there and there were a few does in the food plot, and we had to get closer to them for a potential shot. Several more does were entering the field, and we were stalking through the edge of timber to get a better shot opportunity. As we were crawling to get in position, he came into the end of the field and ran toward the does, blowing most of them out of the field. This gave us an easier opportunity to get settled. With a few does about 60 yards, Harrison was able to crawl undetected and get hunkered down on the tree and get the 30-30 on his knee for prop. Expecting the buck to come back into the field, he was ready when he did. He came back into the field about 10 minutes later at 130 yards and he asked, "Are you going to let me shoot him?" I said, "Absolutely, when he stops, put it behind the shoulder and squeeze it off." He did exactly what was needed and made a perfect double lung shot. The deer did the ol' leg kick and took off...he made it roughly 50 yards. In Harrison's words, as the bucks feet had just landed back on the ground, he said, "Perfect shot, I just made a perfect shot." There are not many things that make a dad more proud than to have his son and/or daughter with him enjoying God's great creation and being able to pass on the tradition of hunting. We are truly blessed in this country, and The Lord bestowed yet another blessing on us with this hunt.
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