photo of a deer killed by Harrison Logginsphoto of a deer killed by Harrison Logginsphoto of a deer killed by Harrison Logginsphoto of a deer killed by Harrison Loggins

Hunter: Harrison Loggins

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Lamar

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Harrison had been asking to go hunting so when i got off of work on Friday afternoon I told him there was enough time for us to go if he still wanted to. He said yes I've already got everything ready to go! So we headed out and it was warm. We ran off two does on our way in so that disappointed us a little, but after a short sit we saw a deer coming out of a grown-up field about 100 yards away. He made his way down to the creek browsing and making a rub. then after disappearing twice and making Harrison lose his mind he would show back up still out of range. Finally he started our way after what seemed like 45 minutes. when Harrison shot, the deer turned towards us and ran off. The shot didn't look good. after a few minutes we went down to see if there was any sign of a hit and found about 10 inches of broken bloody arrow. We didn't find blood for about 20 yards and then it was sparse. So I called a couple tracking dog guys with no luck. So after we let some time past we got our lights and went looking finding blood every 10 yards or so. Then it just stopped I couldn't find anymore. The next morning we waited on my brother and nephew (who is 7) to get there and went to looking it didn't take long I was less than 10 yards from the deer the evening before but just didn't see him. The deer only ran about 120 yards.
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