photo of a deer killed by Hannah Strangephoto of a deer killed by Hannah Strangephoto of a deer killed by Hannah Strange

Hunter: Hannah Strange

Points: 6 (2L, 4R)

County: Bibb

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

We were set up in a ground blind with hopes of one of the "shooters" would show up. Had a nice 8 a few days before come through, but the trees were too thick to give an easy shot for Hannah. By the time I realized it wasn't going to happen without a neck shot, our window of opportunity had just about closed and we had to watch as he walked away. With this in mind, Hannah was ready for a similar situation this afternoon. This new buck showed up and I asked her if she wanted to take this one or wait for possibility of the other one to come back. She said, "this one, let me shoot." I was waiting for a lung shot but Hannah said, "I have a shot on the base of his neck, I can make the shot." I made sure the camera was framed right, told her to squeeze it off... she squeezed for sure, took forever for the trigger to creep past the wall and hit the primer, Boom! He goes right down and the celebration ensued. What a memory to share with my precious 10-year-old daughter, the same age I was when I killed my first buck. She has killed a couple of does and had to pass many other small, young bucks so this was a great day being in the Georgia woods. Thank you Lord for these opportunities we have as parents to enjoy your world with our kids and teach them the stewardship responsibility we have!
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