photo of a deer killed by Hannah Peppersphoto of a deer killed by Hannah Peppersphoto of a deer killed by Hannah Peppers

Hunter: Hannah Peppers

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Newton

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

My wife and I got off work Friday afternoon. We met at home so I could take down our lock on tree stand that we had up on our property. My wife had planned on climbing but decided she felt safer in the lock on. We entered the property mid afternoon and I went into the set of hardwoods to hang a stand while Hannah and our one year old daughter sat in the truck. It took me about thirty minutes to find the right tree and install the stand. At that point Hannah's brother Riley was able to make it to the property to sit with Hannah and help her watch for deer. They both got settled in to hunt and my daughter and I eased back to the house. Less than an hour later the target buck came walking out of a privet head thicket. On the initial walk the buck got nervous and bounded off when another deer came through the same set of woods. Not long after the target buck came walking down the same path. Riley grunted with his mouth to get the buck to stop at around 13 yards. Hannah drew back and smoked him. The deer only ran about 60 yards before falling right out of sight.
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