photo of a deer killed by Hadley Phillipsphoto of a deer killed by Hadley Phillipsphoto of a deer killed by Hadley Phillips

Hunter: Hadley Phillips

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

It was Saturday afternoon, the opening day of gun season. We decided to hunt this stand called the Island Stand because there was a buck in the area that we had named, Dr. Strange. He had shown up the previous two days between 6:30 pm and 7:15 pm. 30 minutes after getting situated, at around 5:50 pm, we saw a couple of does and spikes. The spikes were chasing them everywhere. We probably saw about 3 to 4 spikes and around 7 to 8 does. One little 4-pointer thought that he was all big and got in a fight with another spike around 30 to 50 yards away. The 4-pointer started to lick on a licking branch. After he finished, he came walking over to the feeder. Meanwhile, a six-pointer showed up and whooped the 4-pointer’s butt. Around 6:30 pm, here comes a three-and-a-half-year-old 10 and DR STRANGE!!! He was speed walking along our planted fruit trees in the middle of the food plot. We got my gun ready and when the Dr. got between two big trees my dad hits him with a “MAAACHH!” One second later from my 30-06, an ear-shattering, BAAMMM!!!! “I think you missed him. Where were you aiming?” asked my dad. I replied, “Behind the shoulder, like always.” My dad checked his phone and my brother Ty had sent him a text that our target buck behind my uncle John’s house was at the feeder. About 30 seconds later, we heard a crash in the woods. I asked my dad if he thought that was him and replied, “Maybe. so” Soon after, we got another text from my brother that he shot the target buck. So, my dad and I got out of the stand and started looking for my deer. I went to where I thought he was standing when I shot, about 30 yards away, and saw fur. I kept looking and I then saw pink blood with big splotches of pink blood. I called my dad over and we started walking down this lane that goes into the woods where Dr. Strange went in. My dad got his binoculars out and he saw a white stomach. “There he is. You see him?” asked my dad. Frantically, I replied, “Nope, where?!” My dad pointed at my buck and pointed, “Right there!” Finally, I saw him and we both strut over to him. I yelled excitedly, “Yes sir!” “Congrats, that’s a fine buck son!” said my dad as he gave me a side hug. Then he called my uncle and his good ole’ buddy, Michael Jordan. We told everybody the news and then we went to help Ty find his buck. That was the FALL of DOCTER STRANGE…
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