photo of a deer killed by Griffin Ganasphoto of a deer killed by Griffin Ganasphoto of a deer killed by Griffin Ganas

Hunter: Griffin Ganas

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Early

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

We got in the blind early on Saturday morning. Deer activity was great all morning long, and we saw a lot of deer along with several good bucks but all were out of range. My son was eagerly awaiting the moment when he could shoot his first deer. We finally had two spikes come into range, and he was pleading to shoot one of them. Fortunately, the deer would not offer a clean shot and in the meantime I was trying to talk him out of shooting a spike with hopes a big buck would come into range. While I am negotiating with my 7-year-old son, a giant buck named Charlie stepped out. I was filming and not taking into account the buck was 176 yards away and told him to get ready and aim on the buck's shoulder and slowly squeeze the trigger. He shot the buck, and after reviewing the footage I was unsure whether it was a hit or not. We looked for blood but was unable to find a blood trail to follow. We decided to back out. Once I had more time to review the footage in slow motion I realized we had started our track job at the wrong spot. I went back early the next morning to look and sure enough I was looking on the wrong trail. After a 35-to 40-yard walk down the correct trail I recovered the buck. Such an awesome hunt and memory I was able to have with my son.
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