photo of a deer killed by Greg Pierce IIIphoto of a deer killed by Greg Pierce IIIphoto of a deer killed by Greg Pierce III

Hunter: Greg Pierce III

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

My buddy had taken a nice 10 from the same stand on 10/27/2020, and I had called him and asked did he think history repeats itself. He said it’s worth a try, get to the stand. Ao I tried to wrap up work, but the afternoon started off by me leaving later than I wanted and was behind every Sunday driver on a Wednesday. I then run into two school zones, a bus stop, and a slow moving trailer. Finally I arrive and hustle to the stand and settle in at 16:16. Four turkeys came into the plot shortly after, feed for a while then leave. Finally at 17:10, two small yearlings come in to the feeder, followed by a mature doe into the plot, then another, then two more. Now I have 6 deer feeding which means 12 eyes and ears on alert. As the doe fed, they seemed skittish and on alert so I began scanning the tree line for movement. Finally at 17:30 I see the buck on the edge of the tree line at the back of the plot. He barely steps out and looks straight up the hill facing directly towards me at 165 yards. I lower the binoculars and raise the rifle, to find 3 doe in my line of sight. So I wait. One doe moves out of frame as the buck is now quartering towards me, not ideal but better. As another doe moves out of frame, the buck is now broadside about to step back in the tree line with one doe in the way who was about to have her hair parted. As the last doe moved out of my line of sight, it’s go time. Hammer back, control breathing, deep breath, exhale halfway pause, settle crosshairs on target, and slowly squeeze. The Thompson Center 30.06 did the rest. The buck was DRT - Dead Right There!! Dropped in his tracks!! Does scattered. I am very thankful and blessed to have taken such a fine animal.
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