photo of a deer killed by Greg Bertilsphoto of a deer killed by Greg Bertilsphoto of a deer killed by Greg Bertils

Hunter: Greg Bertils

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 6)

Hunt Story

I watched this buck all summer and fall. He moved into the area early in the summer and never left. I knew where he was bedding, but the area was very difficult to get into without him busting me. I decided to leave him alone through bow season and wait for the rut to draw him out. It worked!! I left work early on Friday and headed for our farm to catch a late evening sit overlooking my favorite food plot. After no action for over an hour, I hit the rattle for about 20 seconds. Suddenly two yearlings came jogging into the field about 175 yards out. No more than a minute later, the "Big Basket 8" came running into the field and started chasing the yearlings, grunting all the way. He settled down and starts walking directly toward my stand. I was looking dead into the sun, but I knew exactly which buck I was looking at. He closed the distance to 80 yards and turns broadside for an easy shot. He made it about 20 yards and dropped in the planted pines. I could see him down from my stand, but I decided to stay in the stand until dark. Even more deer came into the field after I shot. He was worth the wait. He was even better up close up. As the saying goes,"Feed them, and let them get OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
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