photo of a deer killed by Grant Houstonphoto of a deer killed by Grant Houstonphoto of a deer killed by Grant Houston

Hunter: Grant Houston

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Henry

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I have pictures of this deer dating back to August of 2017. I have never seen him from the stand and I only have a hand full of daylight pictures of him through the years. I was undecided where to hunt that evening and decided to go to a place along a creek where I knew a good trail was close to a bedding area. On my way there I took a route that I had not walked in a while in order to do a little scouting and I found a bunch of fresh droppings under a couple white oak trees and decided to stop there and hunt. I found a tree and climbed it about 5:45. I was still only about 100 yards from the bedding area I was heading too, just on the other side. A little after 7 I heard water rippling and turned to see a buck walking toward the ridge about 30 yards away. I stood and turned and once he got on the ridge he turned and walked at me. He started feeding immediately and eased toward me, when he was at 10 yards I drew and waited for him to turn broad side. I got the shot when he was about 7-8 yards out and he ran a semi circle around me and stopped 15 yards from my tree. He stood there a few seconds and then fell over!! My biggest Georgia buck!!
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