photo of a deer killed by Grant Houstonphoto of a deer killed by Grant Houstonphoto of a deer killed by Grant Houston

Hunter: Grant Houston

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Newton

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Got in stand and settled at 5:30 and saw the first deer at 5:40 (spike). I saw 8 deer total that night. At a quarter till 8 a half rack 8-point walked in from the east and walked right under my tree and continued west. I knew he couldn't be alone and after he walked by me about 30-40 yards I turned and saw antlers, and a face put its head up about 25 yards directly from where the first buck had come. I already had my bow in hand so it was just a race against the light if I would get a shot or not. The buck stood in one spot eating acorns for a few minutes and then walked directly at me. When he got 7 or 8 yards from me he turned and went behind a tree and this is when I drew my bow. He stepped out from behind the tree broadside at 5 yards and I put it right behind his shoulder. He ran to the south and I heard a lot of crashing. I saw my arrow break off and fall to the ground about 30 yards out. Lighted nock shining. I got down and checked the arrow. I had about 8 inches of penetration and blood on the ground where I found the arrow. I waited about 45 minutes for my dad to arrive and we started tracking. He was only another 30 yards from my arrow. I paced it off and he only ran 65 yards from the shot. Great night!!
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