photo of a deer killed by Grace Seayphoto of a deer killed by Grace Seayphoto of a deer killed by Grace Seay

Hunter: Grace Seay

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Coweta

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

I was hunting with my father in a swampy area, and we could hear acorns dropping. We jumped a doe on the way in and saw another doe before the bucks came out. An 8-point buck came out first, and there was a 10-pointer behind him. They were staying in thick cover and it was difficult to get a shot. We had trail camera pictures of both bucks. The 8-pointer was the first to offer a shot and was the bigger-bodied deer. I shot him and he ran forward very low to the ground and then circled back toward the direction he came from. We were pretty sure we saw him fall, but it was so thick it was hard to tell. We looked and saw that the 10-pointer was still in the area. He had gone back the way he came a short distance. We never thought he would give us a shot, but my dad said to wait because we didn't want to spook him climbing down from the stand. After a few minutes he started following basically the same path that the 8-pointer had taken and was in about the same spot when I shot him. My dad thought he was going to get past us without me getting a shot, and he kept saying "kill him, kill him" which was not helpful. I finally got the shot and he dropped in his tracks. The two deer were lying about 30 yards apart.
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