photo of a deer killed by Glenn Hulseyphoto of a deer killed by Glenn Hulseyphoto of a deer killed by Glenn Hulsey

Hunter: Glenn Hulsey

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Elbert

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

We first saw this buck the first Saturday in November. He was quickly cruising for does and crossed the food plot before Glenn could get a shot. He was very disappointed and decided that this was the buck he really wanted to try to get before the end of the season. Several more hunts passed without another sighting. Saturday morning was cold with a light frost. We watched two smaller bucks cruising and several does feeding the first hour of daylight. About 10 minutes after the last doe left the field, we saw the buck crossing the far end of the food plot 380 yards from our stand. Fortunately it was very calm and quiet, so the buck heard our grunts and to my surprise, he turned and walked straight toward us. When he got to about 200 yards, he suddenly turned and went into the woods. I grunted again and when he stepped back into the food plot at 210 yards, Glenn made a perfect shot. The buck went about 50 yards into the woods and went down. Glenn was extremely happy to have gotten a second chance at this buck. It was a great hunt with my son, and one I will never forget. Glenn also shot A 220-lb. boar right after we finished taking pictures and loading the buck into the truck. It was a great morning.
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