photo of a deer killed by Gary Fillingimphoto of a deer killed by Gary Fillingimphoto of a deer killed by Gary Fillingim

Hunter: Gary Fillingim

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Pike

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 9)

Hunt Story

I had deer moving right after daylight. For the next couple of hours the wind was picking up, and I hadn't seen anymore movement. Because I was underdressed, I was getting cold and wanted to get down. I had deer on trail cam all week up to 10 o'clock, so I decided to stick it out till 10:30. Just before 10:00, a doe popped out, hunched over and tail down flickering 90 mph. My first thought was that she had been gut shot. When I started to examine her better, she relaxed and turned back in alert mode. I looked behind her and saw good horns coming up toward her. I raised my gun, and when I got the scope on him, I knew he wasn't one of the three that I wanted to fill my last buck tag on. As I started to lower the rifle, this deer came up towering over the first buck. I didn't hesitate to center the shoulder pull the hammer back and squeeze the trigger. He ran 20 yards and piled up.
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